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Friday, January 2, 2015




Exactly one year ago I ran into this beautiful girl at one Singaporean photographer Yutaki's blog, Rikeruu. She had been photographed by him. I found her Instagram a few hours later and started following her. I was jumping on my seat and getting really excited noticing from one of her winter posts that she had traveled to Finland with her Finnish boyfriend for Christmas. I asked her to model for me, but back then she was too busy and the time had ran out when she noticed my message. This Christmas she traveled here again with a longer stay and I contacted her again for the shoots. She said yes! I was super excited! This lovely lady knows ones of the most famous bloggers in Asia, such as Yutakis and Xia Xue and I couldn't wait to take the pictures with her! She was super gorgeous also in person, kind and funny. Her modeling talent also amazed me as she seemed like she was reading my mind. We were a perfect partners. The shoots were real nice with her and we agreed to do this again later this year when they would be getting back to Europe! I feel so lucky and this was one of the most amazing opportunities I have had in my life!

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The style I have used in these pictures is a main style of one of the most inspiring Japanese art magazines for me, L'ARME. The magazine is like a dream. All the pictures are so soft and delicate. I have waited a long time to use these unique edits on some pictures extra special. And they turned out gorgeous! The styling, the rotate and highlights are just perfectly in balance. These pictures bring me back to my favorite and most inspiring idol magazine that I would love to work for one day. And thanks to these photos I can almost pretend I did. This is exactly the kind of style I would love to send out every single picture that is ordered from me. My own unique handwriting. I hope you all enjoy these pictures as much as me and Rikeruu do and hope you leave all kinds of comments to let me know how did I manage on this. In the end of the post there is on the left L'armes actual magazine cover from 2013 and on the right my own version. Also like before, below this link there are a few before after shots!  Make sure you will check them out!


Hope you enjoy!


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  1. Eikä miten nätti tyttö ja nättejä kuvia ;_; <3

    1. Rykiel on todella kaunis! :) ✿ Kiitos!

  2. The photos are breathtaking *_*

  3. Järkyttävän upeita kuvia!! ♡♡ Pääsisipä joskus sulle malliksi ��

    1. Suuret kiitokset! ✿ ✿
      The future is unpredictable! ;)

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