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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Winter Wonderland #1



I got inspired for this look from one of L'arme magazine covers.
This actually gave me a lot of new ideas and I can't wait to get 
more of these glitter globes to work with something new 
and yet different set ups.  Julia and Salla are models of Finnish
webstore Winkie Winkie and they were just perfect for this test. This collection
was made for their Christmas set up on the web store's wall.
This photo with the both of them standing inside the globe is actually prepared 
from separated photos as the girls couldn't make it to the studio at the same time. 

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I loved everything about this project. Though I was pulling my hair off, while cleaning the golden ink from the lines on the bottom of the globe. The final result is anyway as I planned it and I am very happy of how it turned out. There are more coming from this set and I am gonna keep you updated.

Mean while feel free to go check Winkie Winkie's webstore for some Christmas shoppings!


M O D E L S  :  Julia Jusslin  Salla Hätinen
P R O J E C T : Winkie Winkie Christmas Wall
S T Y L I NG & D E S I G N : Me

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