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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Passed Summer 2014

Today I felt the first time that I miss summer. The bare trees and brown ground are very challenging landscapes for photography, that you have to be extra creative if you wish to create something beautiful out there. At least before the snow falls. This anyway gave me an idea and I listed here a few of my favorite pic ups from my last summers collections.

 I mostly worked last summer with Winkie Winkies webstore, so I spend most of my summer time in studio. Anyway I lost a few times outdoor as well and here they are...

M O D E L   :  Hanna Hirvonen
P R O J E C T :  Mix Beauty With Bones
S T Y L I NG & D E S I G N : Me
C L O T H I N G :  Poola Kataryna



There were many summers, that I had missed seeing the blooming cherry blossoms. I always dreamed of photoshooting in the middle of them and creating something really sensitive with a little touch of odd. Which is my thing. Hanna and I decided to do this together and made it just in time before the blooming season was over. I am extra happy how these turned out and I must say this set must be one of my best works yet. Next summer I will do even more epic shoots in middle of this beauty.



M O D E L   :  Nea Pitkänen
P R O J E C T :  Fiorella Summer Catalouge
S T Y L I NG & D E S I G N : Visualisas



The only outdoor clients set of the summer. We spend hours photoshooting in the "Botanical Garden of Helsinki". There were plenty on beautiful spots around and perfect sunny day to light up the atmosphere. Our bad luck was only the gardens repairs that were on, but I can't say that it stopped us from getting great photos. Must use the garden more next year when the repairs are done in the fountains side.


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